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Writings by Innicka Dee.


Written by Innicka, through the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, to help others as much as possible, navigate the sudden change to their lives.

"Since as far back into my childhood that I can remember, I turned to writing to express my emotions from a traumatic childhood. I once had a journal full of writings and since I sporadically write, although not often, I channeled my creativeness into cake art instead. Then COVID-19 came along, everyone’s lives changed without much notice, a challenge that every single person would find tough. Not just tough, exceptionally exceptionally hard, trying, and would rock everything they’ve ever known.  So, I started writing again, to help as many people as I possibly could to navigate their thoughts and emotions through one of the hardest things they’ll possibly ever have to experience in their lives."

– Innicka Dee  

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We have choices - published 23rd April 2020

“We all have choices in life. Like it was my choice to eat 20 of my kids Easter eggs, therefore the only persons fault it is for how sick I’m feeling right now, is my husbands. He could have taken the eggs off me.” – Innicka Dee