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The baker, the maker, the designer {never tried candle stick making yet } ..:



Innicka Dee

When I create, I have an idea on the design, but I never pre-plan each and every element down to the last detail. I let my heart do all of the creating as I go along. – Innicka Dee


Meet the person behind Innicka Dee. Introducing Innicka, a self-taught baker and cake artist.


So who is Innicka?!


First she's a mother, a wife, a self-confessed perfectionist {not in the traditional sense of the word }, absolute lover of all things beautiful, a kind of old fashioned girl who loves detail, gold, and old world charm.


She’s a keen gardener {with a big garden}, writer, antique collector, LOVES animals {especially her Persian kitty} and of course {what most girls are} an avid handbag and shoe collector.


She’s inspired by Neo-classical, Rococo, Baroque, Romanticism, 18th Century French aristocracy, and beautiful Marie Antoinette is her muse, which is seen through every cake she designs and creates.


Her journey began with a cake for her mother's 50th Birthday, after not being able to find a  local cake artist that created the types of cakes she dreamed of.


From her early years she was always creative, from writing, to drawing, painting, decoupage, to creating old world gilded pieces for her home, so from her very first cake, she knew her creativeness had been ignited once again.


Alas, along came Innicka Dee cakes to today providing a boutique service to their clients. With only a selected number of cakes taken on each week in order to maintain the highest possible level of quality and attention to detail, each of her creations are quite impressive to see, even down to the teeny tiny cakes ..:




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